Petit Port Jewellery

The beautiful Channel Islands have been the home and inspiration of Catherine Best jewellery for the past two decades, providing a constant source of natural beauty that cannot help but stir the spirit. Treat yourself with our Petit Port collection influenced by the flowing lines of sea and sand. Take a piece of your trip with you always.

Inspired by Home.

Inspired by one of Guernsey’s and Jersey’s most serene bays, the Petit Port Collection draws on beautiful flowing lines to inspire these exquisite pieces. Each limited edition piece, is a carefully hand crafted piece of jewellery, embossed with its own unique number so you can remain certain of its authenticity.

The Inspiration

Nature plays a key role in inspiration for the Catherine Best design team. Here the Petit Port bay on both Jersey and Guernsey and crashing waves has led to this particular collection being created.


Available in a range of precious metals, browse our collection of pendants, earrings and rings. 

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