Single Mine Origin Gold

At Catherine Best, we always ensure that the material we source for our bespoke jewellery is of the highest quality, and sustainability and ethical sourcing are important factors when we choose suppliers. So when it comes it our handmade pieces, we use Single Mine Origin gold.

Single Mine Origin gold, or SMO gold, is sourced from a single location that follows strict criteria set by the World Gold Council's Responsible Gold Mining Principles, including fair pay for workers and conscientious environmental practises. Known as Unique Vertical Integration, every troy-ounce of SMO gold is verified through an unbroken paper-chain from the moment it comes out of the ground to the second it arrives on our goldsmith's benches.

Gold facts

Often gold is melted down from multiple sources before it enters the market, making it hard to trace where the raw material came from. This makes it impossible to confirm the gold was mined adhering to the highest ethical practice. SMO removes the mystery, with each batch accompanied by a QR code that tells us where the gold came from. And, because of the principles behind SMO gold, you don’t pay an ‘Ethical Premium’ either, so you can rest assured that our gold is ethically sourced and of a fair price.

Gold facts

Conscientious of the negative impact the mining industry has created in the past, SMO gold follows all 51 responsible gold mining principles, as set by the World Gold Council, that protect the environment and the communities surrounding SMO mines. From providing access to education and health care initiatives to planting thousands of trees that will offset carbon emissions, they go above and beyond to ensure they provide the best care to their workers and families of the mines. So you can trust the SMO gold you invest in also invests in the miners and their community.

Our designers and jewellers are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing. Whether it is a bespoke commission or handcrafted pieces for our showrooms, we use SMO Gold to craft pristine quality jewellery pieces that protect the environment and the mining community.