Cradle your loved ones, wherever you are.

We are proud to announce our latest campaign with world-renowned soprano Laura Wright. The campaign celebrates family, something that is at the core of the Catherine Best brand. Through this inspiring and playful depiction of a mother's love and her desire to keep them close.

A Mother's love is like no other

What is love? Whether it’s a mother’s love for her children, your undying love for your spouse or the memory of a parent, every tale of love is unique. It’s this uniqueness that inspired Catherine to create the Cradle of Love pendant – a bespoke piece that’s crafted by our goldsmiths, but designed by you. 

Discover The Cradle Of Love

"As a self-employed working mum, I also share all the mum guilt of being away from my family. So It is great to have a memento of them. The Catherine Best Cradle of love is the perfect piece; with its personalisation element it allowed me to pick stones that symbolise my girls, so even when I am away they are with me."

- Laura Wright -

Crafted by our skilled Goldsmiths

Our goldsmiths use their artisan skills to position up to five gemstones into runners that sit within the embracing arch of the crescent moon. But the metal, the gemstones, and the meaning behind each one are down to you. Create a truly meaningful gift today.


The Cradle of Love Pendant is inspired by Catherine’s love for her children and that instinctive need to have something close to her that reminds her of the love they share, even when they’re apart. While Catherine’s Cradle is unique to her, she wanted the same to be true of every Cradle for every customer.

Personalise your own special pendant by adding up to five gemstones into runners, which will be handcrafted by our Goldsmiths. You can choose one gemstone to represent each special person in your life. Each piece is made individually and can represent your own personal stories of love.

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Cradle Of Love Pendant DEV Catherine Best Dev Silver

Cradle Of Love Pendant

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