Our Journey of Jewellery Rejuvenation

Embark on our rejuvenation journey with Penelope as she gives new life to these sentimental earrings left by a loved one on her 30th birthday. 

Join us as we showcase the endless possibilities for your sentimental pieces. By reusing the metal and stones from existing left jewellery, you can cherish your loved ones forever and wear them close, in a stunning new design that's your style while holding those special memories.

At Catherine Best, we understand the difficulty in deciding to redesign a meaningful piece of jewellery you’ve been left or gifted sometime ago, that symbolises the love of someone dear to you. Rest assured, we can help retain all the sentimental value of the original piece while repurposing the precious metal and gemstones into a stunning new design that you can then wear everyday. Together, we can create a beautiful piece that will forever be a reminder of the those loved ones.

The process begins by delicately separating the gemstones and metal. Our skilled designers then collaborate with you, incorporating your input and ideas to suggest, refine, and finalize a new design. Only once your vision is perfected and you have reviewed and approved the designs, do we begin the meticulous work of crafting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that truly embodies your unique style and personal story.

The jewellers use the designs as a guide to determine the precise technique needed to melt the metal from the client's existing jewellery to shape it correctly before commencing the creation of the new design. Above you can see the metal from Penelope's left earrings being melted up to be used in the new designs. 

Our skilled jeweller meticulously shapes the metal in preparation for the creation of Penelope's redesigned Tanzanite earrings. 

Finally, our jeweller then sets the Diamond and Tanzanite into their setting. The earrings are finished by attaching all the different sections together. 

Penelope's earrings are now complete, watch the full video here.

‘These earrings are more than I could have hoped for, Granny T was a very special lady to me, and now I feel like when I wear these, I will have a part of her with me. I am so pleased I embarked on this rejuvenating journey, otherwise they would have just sat in my jewellery box unworn, I encourage you if you have any jewellery items being unworn, come to Catherine Best and see what could be possible.’
- Penelope -  

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