Layering tips 

Gwyneth Paltrow, Bella Hadid, and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker are all doing it. If you want to capture that Hollywood glam look, what do you need to do? It’s easy – Layering.  What is layering? It’s simply wearing multiple chains, necklaces and pendants together.

Layering your necklaces is a beautiful way to achieve laid-back glamour and promote your personal style while increasing the functionality of your jewellery collection. It allows you to use more of what you already have and invest in key statement pieces to give your existing look that style pop. And it’s a message that’s right at the heart of the Catherine Best brand - Love it, Want it, Wear it!


With autumn in full swing, it's time for some hot new layers to take the simple white T-shirt look to the next level and create a showstopping outfit. Creative layering means you can tell a story with your jewellery. Mix your grandmothers pendant with this autumn's must-have bespoke Bubble pearl, and then add your favourite handmade animal pendant for a unique look. The trick is to make your layers unique to you, and express your personality with a Hollywood flourish. Be bold, be beautiful – Layer up!

We love layering our bracelets too!