Love for Life

The Love for Life collection is a celebration of life; representing everything that matters - love, family and life. Inspired by Catherine’s father, who was a great example of living life to the full, she wanted to make a collection to represent this and celebrate him.

A celebration of life.

Within this piece the diamond is the spark of life, the ring for eternal safety, while the precious metal represents timelessness and the heart symbolising Love. A beautiful gift for the love of your life or treat yourself because Life without Love is like a tree without blossoms.

The Inspiration

Love for life was inspired by Catherine's father. Each element holding a different section of their love.


This collection encompasses a Pendant, Earrings, Bangle and is available in all metals.

Love for Life Bangle

Love for Life Bangle

£246.75 £235
3 Metals Available
Love For Life Pendant

Love For Life Pendant

£5,964 £5,680
Love For Life Pendant

Love For Life Pendant

£173.25 £165
2 Gemstones Available 4 Metals Available
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