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Catherine Best is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in her use of unusual, and often rare, coloured gemstones, seamlessly moving from ancient classics such as sapphire, ruby and peridot to more modern and recently discovered gems like tsavorite garnet, tanzanite and paraiba tourmaline. Given the wide variety available in this diverse collection, finding the perfect gemstone pendant for any distinct personality is made all the more certain.


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One of Catherine's many loves is yoga. Which she tends to practice at least once a week. Finding it a way to calm the mind and takee check of oneself. We all have busy minds and she encourages everyone to take time with themselves for at least ten minutes a day.

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The Empress Clematis range encompasses a pendant, earrings, brooch, cufflinks, tie-slide and tie pin, offering many options that are perfect for the flower and nature enthusiast to wear.

Flamingo Pendant Catherine Best Dev Clear Cubic Zirconia Pendant

Flamingo Pendant

£162 £141.75 £135
2 Gemstones Available
Love For Life Pendant Catherine Best Dev Silver Standard Pendant

Love For Life Pendant

£198 £173.25 £165
4 Metals Available
Midnight Pendant Catherine Best Dev 3 Stone Design Clear Cubic Zirconia Pendant

Midnight Pendant

£138 £120.75 £115
2 Gemstones Available
Ormer Pendant Catherine Best Dev Pendant

Ormer Pendant

£270 £236.25 £225
Mosaic Pendant Catherine Best Pendant

Mosaic Pendant

£7,686 £6,725.25 £6,405
Dream Maker Pendant Catherine Best

Dream Maker Pendant

£14,628 £12,799.50 £12,190
Atlantis Pendant Catherine Best Dev

Atlantis Pendant

£2,814 £2,462.25 £2,345
Hawaii Pendant Catherine Best Pendant

Hawaii Pendant

£2,076 £1,816.50 £1,730
Arizona Pendant Catherine Best Pendant

Arizona Pendant

£1,656 £1,449 £1,380
Hold On Tight Pendant Catherine Best

Hold On Tight Pendant

£6,528 £5,712 £5,440
Dark Knight Pendant Catherine Best

Dark Knight Necklace

£8,100 £7,087.50 £6,750
Buddha Pendant Catherine Best

Buddha Pendant

£5,172 £4,525.50 £4,310
Tempest Pendant Catherine Best Dev Pendant

Tempest Pendant

£6,060 £5,302.50 £5,050
Melody Pendant Catherine Best Dev Pendant

Melody Pendant

£3,006 £2,630.25 £2,505
Hypnotize Pendant Catherine Best Dev Pendant

Hypnotize Pendant

£1,908 £1,669.50 £1,590
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