Sustainably Sourced Eyris Pearls

The story behind the creation of one of nature's most individual gems is as remarkable as each individual blue pearl itself. 

It's a story of the vision of New Zealander Roger Beattie, who in 1989 established the first ocean-based blue pearl farm at Whangamoe Inlet on New Zealand's Chatham Islands. His understanding of the pearl fishery and his empathy, not only for the environment, but also the very rhythms of nature’s life cycles, led Roger and his team to embark on a project which would see the creation of a new gem, unparalleled in its beauty and colour.


These unique pearls are fished for in a sustainable way with a pure understanding and empathy, not only for the environment but also the very rhythms of nature's life cycles. To achieve this sustainability, the pearls are individually dived for and collected by hand. A certificate detailing the divers' name and a thorough description of the pearl, including; size, colour, and quality, accompany every pearl harvested so you can remain certain of their authenticity.


Catherine and the team instantly fell in love with the Eyris Pearls and their story, which has led to them working with this unique gemstone for many years, creating completely unique one off pieces with the stones, as well as your everyday pieces.

These pauas are allowed to develop as naturally as possible in their own ocean environment. With the ebb and flow of the tides; through calm and stormy weather; fed only on their natural diet of nutrient-rich seaweed.

Pauas are voracious eaters, they eat up to 50% of their body weight per week. Without continued access to high-quality natural seaweed, a blue pearl farming operation would not be viable.

Eyris Blue Pearls have operated five sea-based blue pearl farms in the waters around New Zealand.