A piece of jewellery with sentimental meaning is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or just to show someone how much they mean to you. Uniquely designed with precious stones and handcrafted by master jewellers, our high quality, breathtaking pieces are one of the most sentimental gestures that you can offer to a loved one.

The Cradle of Love pendant was inspired by Catherine’s desire to hold her loved ones close. These innovative and sentimental necklaces are designed from gold and platinum, with a single diamond that sits above the crescent and a shining cubic zirconia in the silver version. You can personalise this special necklace, adding other gemstones into the setting which can be chosen to represent your loved one and the love story that you share together.

Elephants are known for the close bonds they make with members of their herd, with a love of family that is never broken. Catherine Best’s Future Generations elephant pendant represents the eternal love between a mother and child, making this a wonderful unique necklace with meaning, perfect for showing a mum how much she is loved.


Moon signs reveal our inner workings, with meaning that represents deeper aspects of ourselves and underpin our daily life. Catherine has worked with astrologer Sharon Ward to create an exquisite collection of Moon Sign Jewellery, necklaces with special meaning that celebrate the more personal side of ourselves.

Necklaces with meaning are the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one who has layers to their personality and who are special in an individual way. Our pendants are presented in a luxurious gift box and include a personalised certificate of authenticity, giving a guarantee that the jewellery is uniquely designed by masters in the craft.