From diamonds to emeralds, gold and platinum, the earth’s riches offer up so many possibilities. Our designers take these riches, combine them with your vision, and create beautiful hand-made, bespoke jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

Catherine Best

Catherine originally started her Guernsey-based label back in 1987. It's since gained immense popularity thanks to our line of exceptional and unique jewellery that’s always made to the very highest quality. Determined to find a career that she could not only do with her hands but would also always enjoy, Catherine found her calling in jewellery design when she attended a night course. A four-year jewellery design course at Kent’s Medway College followed, and after winning the prestigious Goldsmiths Designer Award, she realised her passion for creating unique pieces through her own brand

Her contemporary yet practical pieces turn heads for all the right reasons. Inspired by the natural beauty of Guernsey and Jersey, diamonds and gemstones are brought to life in the most exciting ways possible. From delicate chain necklaces with a striking twist to beautiful eternity rings, we're the brand to know if you want to make the right impression.

Vikki Freeman

Inspired by watching her mum work, Vikki grew up surrounded by sparkling gemstones and the glittering world of jewellery design. This shaped her passion for creating her own style of jewellery utilising modern tools such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and 3D print casting of her designs. She has brought a new dimension of 21st-century innovation to the Catherine Best brand.

Her designs are focused around helping clients to create unique pieces that they can treasure for generations to come. With a passion for sustainability, she loves working on rejuvenating jewellery - redesigning jewellery that is perhaps no longer loved into new pieces that hold onto that sentimental value but with a breath of new life.

Over the years Vikki has been inspired by the joy her mother's designs brought her customers and she looks forward to carrying the family tradition to the next generation.

Gemma Hill

Design has always been in her family, and from a young age Gemma was encouraged to draw, paint and use her hands to create art in many forms. Inevitably, this lead her into a creative career. For Gemma, designing an item of jewellery is more than just making it look pretty. It’s the story behind a piece that inspires her and challenges her to work that story into the design, making the finished piece even more personal to the wearer. This not only requires a lot of thought, but there are many practical elements to consider, making each piece an exciting challenge.

After nearly a half a decade at Catherine Best, Gemma still loves the sense of freedom designing gives her. The only limit is her imagination; “Ultimately you are designing an item that has never existed before. So it’s really lovely to be part of its journey from start to finish”.