Goldsmith Award Winner

Goldsmith Awards, the “Oscars" of the jewellery industry saw another Catherine Best apprentice: Megan langlois pick up 2 awards for her piece Entomophily. She won awards for Junior jewellers 3D Craft and Junior Diamond Mounters 3D Craft categories. The piece was created as a showcase of the various skills Megan had learnt over the past 5 years during her apprenticeship under Catherine and Vikki who co-designed the piece with Megan.

The piece; titled Entomophily, refers to a form of pollination. The geometric design showcases her expert mastering of a challenging technique, with the honeycomb having a transformational twist and the bee detaching into a pendant, the hexagonal honeycombs becoming earrings. This piece not only brings to life the pollination process but is a statement piece to be worn in multiple ways. 

Catherine Best's apprenticeship programme is a cornerstone of our company and something that Catherine is personally involved in. Her apprenticeship scheme is not only an entry route into the jewellery world but also a way to keep alive high skilled craftsmanship to the next generation of jewellers. So it's a source of great pride to see the success Megan has accomplished. 

“I really enjoyed working on this design as it showcased all of the skills I have learnt at Catherine Best during the five years of my Apprenticeship. It is a great personal achievement to receive two awards and amazing that I get to keep the finished piece to celebrate all of my hard work to qualify as a Jeweller.” 
Megan langlois