Bracelet Pairing

Bracelets can bring together an outfit or make a statement about your style. Whether you love mixing up different designs or prefer wearing just a single statement bracelet, at Catherine Best we have a selection that can take your bracelet pairing and wearing to the next level. Our bespoke bracelets come in a range of styles that add a unique flourish to your jewellery collection.

Our Top Tip - make sure that the bracelet you choose fits your personal style. If you select the wrong piece, you’ll never feel comfortable wearing it, and it’ll probably end up languishing unworn and unloved in the bottom of your jewellery box. For a classic, laid-back style browse our selection of Tennis Bracelets. Don't be afraid to mix things up a bit, teaming classic with a modern twist with designs like our Sweetie Bracelet.


Our next tip - do you want the bracelet to be your signature accessory? These are pieces that have a unique design and look good with everything, but most importantly are personal to you. These bracelets become a part of your individual brand and people will begin to associate the style, colour, and metals as your style signature. Take a look at our iconic bracelets and bangles collection, and choose one that speaks to you. If you want to personalise your signature bracelet you can book an appointment with our designers to create a one-off piece.



You’ve selected your favourite bracelets. Now comes the fun part –wearing them! We recommend playing around with your collection, including stacking your bracelets by a particular design theme, a common metal colour, or a colour scheme. If you’re still not sure how to pair and wear, take a look at the other accessories you wear on a daily basis such as a watch or a necklace. You can then style your bracelet stack to complement your daily accessories.