Vikki Freeman, designer and daughter of Catherine Best, achieved the pinnacle of accolades in the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards in the Production Jewellery category, taking the Gold for this stunning Effervescent design. Sublimely beautiful and full of character, it carries the design excellence of the Catherine Best brand to the next generation.

Vikki’s design included a set of jewellery that was drawn using high-tech CAD (Computer Aided Design). Her design was brought to life using 3D printing and then cast in a variety of precious metals.

The innovative idea behind the design means it’s double-sided and completely customisable. Different stones can be set on each side of the pendant. While one side could be set with sparkling diamonds, the other could be set with mixed colour stones, giving the wearer two different looks in one design. The judges considered the pendant to be incredibly innovative in design, awarding Vikki the Gold in what is one of the most competitive awards in jewellery making.

Created in 18ct yellow gold, on one side you can choose to be adorned with diamonds that will catch the light at every turn. If you’re feeling fun and funky, you can turn your treasure over and reveal its playful side featuring an array of aquamarine, pink sapphire, tsavorite garnet and mandarin garnet gemstones with diamonds.

An award-winning piece of art that offers you two pendants in one that reflects you and your personality -  it can only be from Catherine Best.